Thursday, August 06, 2009

What to Wear: Posh Camp Wedding

Sarah wrote in with this question:
I'm SO excited to have something to write to you about, I'm hoping that you can help us. I'm going with my MIL and two of my SIL's to a family wedding in Colorado in September. The first part of the problem is we're from Arizona, so the sunny days and freezing (well to us) nights will be difficult to navigate outfit wise. The next part of equation is the wedding which is at an outdoor location that is a camp where the bride and groom met as counselors. Such a cute idea it just presents a little bit of a challenge with the outdoor location and a request for formal attire. So I'm hoping that you can come up with a couple of ideas for what to wear to this wedding. Normally wedding attire is easy but with the weather and location I want to be warm but also dressed appropriately and of course stylishly and somewhat affordably (this is where I hope you come in).

I'm 5'5" and wear a size 6/8, green eyes and black bobbed hair. I love high heels and hate navy blue. I think for budget nothing more than a couple hundred dollars. I have lots of shoes so most of the energy should be spent on the outfit. I'm a mix of classic and fashion forward and my style crush in Gwyneth. You can see all of the fashiony items I've blogged about here, hopefully this gives you a little bit of insight into what I like.
Gwyneth is all about modern cuts, bohemian flair and lots of leg. Here's a great option for Sarah:

Dress - I picked this shift for a couple reasons: the cut is modern and a dressy, the satin and sleeves are good for shifting temperatures and the colors are a good match with a Colorado camp scene. I know you said no navy - but this is really mostly purple and a little bit of "midnight." With your dark hair and green eyes, it is going to be a knock-out.
Shoes - Sarah has a thing for purple pumps this fall - this is the perfect chance to splurge on a pair. Look for a stacked heel to give you a little assistance on rocky or grassy floors.
Earrings - Chandelier earrings are super festive.
Hair - Maybe a little braid?
Lantern - In vintage-style brass...might be a good accompaniment to a traditional wedding present.
Coat - Bring an inexpensive ivory coat for warmth that you don't need to keep pristine. This hooded coat is a little whimsical for a forrest setting and would be great with jeans and a long sleeved tee the next night.

Have a great time at the wedding!


Sarah's Fab Day said...

I love it! Thank you Mrs. Em. :)

Katie said...

Or a dark purple pasmina?

September here can still be pretty warm...

HK10 said...

I too have a wedding in September in the mountains- where I will be meeting the new significant other's best friends (and maybe some ex girl friends). Woo hoo. With that being said, the wedding is at 4pm, I'm not sure whether it is inside or out. I am olive yellow skin tone, 5'4", 4 in the shoulders/ 6 in the hips (sometimes 8)/ 127 lbs. I am definitely needing to dress to impress. I need help...