Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To Do in Maui: Snorkel

One of the highlights of our time in Hawaii came on day three. Haley took us all for a half day of snorkeling off the coast of Maui with the Pacific Whale Foundation. She used to work on this boat as a naturalist and was able to get us all on board for free, a serious treat! We look so cool in this photo:

Our first early morning stop was Molokini, a small island off of the coast. The entire bay was empty and we were able to snorkel with snowflake eels and all kinds of tropical fish along a coral reef in relative quiet. That's me at the top, doing my best sea turtle impression.

From there, it was over to the coastline of Maui to visit "Turtle Town" - a series of coral reefs along lava flows and caves that are a favorite with the sea turtle population. A giant female swam right underneath us when we were barely paying attention, a cool sight. This isn't my photo, but it could have been!

Then back on the boat for lunch - Love the sexy matted hair and mask marks in this photo:

The crew served us a BBQ lunch and drinks on the boat as we made our way back to the harbor. Along the route, we stopped at a favorite turtle algae patch and spotted another dozen or so swimming in the water.

We all took long showers and three hour naps after the snorkel trip, exhausted and salty from our fun adventure. This is a definite must-do for any Maui visitor.


Yvi said...

I did scuba diving at the molokini crater. It is really impressive.
I would love to go back. Glad you had so much fun.

Jessica said...

Sounds like it was a blast and you guys look like twins in that post-snorkel shot!