Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Coveted: Hediard Tea

Oh no! All I needed was one more fancy French favorite to add to my life.

Our next door neighbor gave us a big red tin of Hediard tea as a thank you for picking up her mail during a trip to Paris. It's a fragrant mix of green tea and mint - but the bold design of the red tin is really what makes my heart race. I'll have an amazing new pen cup for my desk about a hundred pots of tea from now.

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Sarah said...

I love french tea! I must try that! I was recently in Tokyo and discovered that they have a French obsession and that the famous french tea house Mariage Freres has a tea shop there. I had the best tea of my life but when I went to cash out I discovered that a tiny jar of my beloved tea was $70! I bought a $20 jar that was amazing as well. Now I am obsessed with getting it anywhere I can and am trying to plan vacations around where they have tea shops!