Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Round-Up: Chinatown

I've been consciously trying to take it slow these last few weekends -to savor the break between a crazy summer and the holidays. It's been lovely!

On Friday, Rob and I went to the movies downtown after work. We saw The Men Who Stare At Goats, which was disappointing and strange. The director should have decided if the film was going to be either a comedy or a poignant anti-war tome...both didn't work out so well.

On Saturday, we had breakfast at home early on the drizzly day. Rob had to be at his bike coalition volunteer gig at 9:00 and I had to be in Chinatown by 10. Susan and I met for a walking tour promising to show the "real Chinatown." We walked with our groups through all kinds of hidden alleys filled with the clinking sounds of mahjong tiles for two and a half hours. Even though I've been a few times, this tour was all new to me.

After our tour, Susan and I had lunch at a Cantonese place and shared an enourmous messy salt and pepper fried crab.

From lunch, we walked to pick up my repaired wedding ring at Lang's and ogled t the jewelry. And then went to Gump's and ogled the holiday displays - the city is in full Christmas mode already. A quick stop at H&M and Bloomingdale's and then home on the train before four. A good adventure!

Rob came home shortly after - all scraped up from a mountain bike ride with his buddy at Glen Park. We had a warm bath and a mellow dinner watching Away we Go (another slight disappointment here - did anyone else find the characters in this movie annoying?). Luckily, An Affair to Remember was also on that night...much better!

Up early on Sunday morning to have breakfast at a cafe down the street with the Sunday Times. Brrr...a freezing morning and our first "two radiator" day of winter at the apartment.

Rob left for another quick volunteer session. I read, cleaned, painted, organized cabinets and relaxed at home while he was away. At 2:30, we met up and took the tandem bike out for a fast ride. Down Valencia Street, over to Glen Park, up to Twin Peaks with the tourists and back home on the windy street pictured below.

Another hot bath to warm up from the cold day. A bit of blogging and a hearty dinner at Home. You can see more photos from the weekend here.

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stylewannabee said...

I kind of liked away we go.