Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Weekend Round-Up: Healdsburg

What a fine weekend! Rob and I rode home on our tandem bike along with a few thousand others dressed up for Critical Mass. It was wild to see the city taken over by so many bikes. At the apartment, we quickly packed up the car and drove up to Healdsburg in thick traffic. We arrived at our B&B at 9:30 and had time to catch up with Matt and Amber before bed.

The next morning, Amber and Matt left at 6:30 for the start of the Wine Country Half Marathon leaving us with their twins briefly. When Matt returned, Rob took off for a bike ride. Matt and I managed to get in a tiny bit of breakfast between feeding, burping, changing, dressing and loading up the twins into the car. (so cute!)

We drove out to the end of the race to pick up Amber and Rob, who had biked out 25 miles to the finish line. Can you believe that she came in 4th for her age group just a few months after having twins!?

From the race, we stopped briefly at home to change and then out for wine tasting and a picnic at Everett Ridge. Delicious spread of triple cream brie, humboldt fog goat cheese, soppresetta, coppa salami, seeded crackers, meyer lemon olives, red pepper hummus and veggies - yum. Our second tasting was at Lambert Bridge. The babies were great companions at the wineries! Back at the house, we took naps before dinner.

We found a cute place to eat in downtown Healdsburg for dinner. Affronti set us up with a seat on the heated patio. Their small plate menu was perfect for taking breaks to feed, change and walk the twins between courses. And the food was delicious to boot!

Back at the B&B, we put the boys to sleep and played a few rounds of gin rummy before turning in. It was a big day. The twins had their first ever stay in a hotel, first day away from home and first day out and about in their stroller. We were all exhausted!

The next morning, we had a nice casual breakfast at the B&B. Matt and Amber headed back to the city early. Rob and I loaded up on the tandem bike for a 50 mile ride up to Cloverdale, down to Geyerserville (spicy pizza at Diavola) and back to Healdsburg. Very pretty with vineyards at every turn. And our fastest ride yet, with an average pace of 16.4 mph!

A couple stops at antique stores where I bought a gray pearl necklace and a red vintage suitcase. Then back home to lovely, sunny San Francisco! You can see more photos from the weekend here.


Amber said...

You guys were the BEST weekend warriors - we had so much fun. Thank you thank you thank you!!! The boys keep looking around wondering where you are :)

MrsEm said...

Awww! I miss my little buddies already :)