Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Advent Calendar: December 1

It's already the first of December?! Time to kick off the advent calendar. This year's theme: favorite simple things about the holidays.

Fuji persimmons are a new favorite this year. We brought home a big bag from Rob's grandmother's ranch last weekend. I guess I'd only had the bitter acorn-shaped Hongsi before. These are delicious eaten just like an apple.

And they look stunning in a celadon bowl.


liz stanley said...

i keep on seeing them on the street corners and wanting to try them. they really are good?

MrsEm said...

Very good! Really sweet. Just make sure to get the round, instead of the acorn, shaped fruit.

syleegurl said...

Do you want more? Cuz my tree is blooming and I have a ton! :) Don't know if they taste any good or not, but they're the round flat ones.