Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Party Recap: Holiday Brunch

What a great party! I didn't have much time to plan. Thanks to Trader Joe's and your ideas everything came out well. Here's the quick run down for this year's holiday brunch.

  • Giant glazed spiral cut ham
  • Skewers with tiny red potatoes and spicy chicken sausage
  • Mini bagels with lox and capers
  • Spiced citrus salad
  • Skewers with red pears, camembert and beets
  • Goat cheese and cranberry relish on toast squares
  • Mini cinnamon rolls
  • Make your own mimosa bar with a magnum of champagne, pomegranate juice and orange juice
  • Coffee
  • Hot cider
  • Tea
  • A bowl full of ornaments to hang on the tree
  • An adorable nine month old baby (he likes capers!)
  • Christmas music
  • Lovely Christmas tree
  • Arrangements made of branches from the bottom of the tree combined with red roses and white status
  • Lots of polished silver and candles
Click here for more photos from the party! We're almost done with the dishes now - ah, the life of the dishwasher-less entertainer.

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