Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Book Report: A Dance to the Music of Time

There's something to be said for extremely long novels. All that work to get into the characters pays off when you have another 900+ pages to follow their exploits. All 1,184 pages of "And Ladies of the Club" is one lovely example.

I'm about halfway through the first movement of A Dance to the Music of Time now. There are 12 novels in 4 movements, a whopping 3,000 pages in total. Voted by Time as one of the best novels of the decade, it is a detailed look at British society between the 20's and 70's. The section I'm in is all about parties, dressing for dinner and taking tea by the fire...pretty great!


Marci said...

Hi I have read your blog for a long time.

You are the only person I know that has read
And The Ladies of the Club".
I love it. I draw and make references from the novel for my own life.

I also love your blog.

MrsEm said...

You, me and a bunch of 90 year olds ;)

Caroline, No. said...

I have these books but am waiting for the right moment to read them. Same as Infinite Jest and Don Quixote. (I.e. probably, and sadly, never.)

Anonymous said...

My all time favorite but then I like bicep reads. You will feel like you lost your best friends when you finish the last pages.

An I highly recommend the Raj Quartet.

Jo Crisp said...

I just came across your Book Report and coincidently I was in the Wallace Collection in London yesterday, looking at Poussin's picture of 'A Dance to the Music of Time' and wondering if Powell's books were called after the painting, which I've discovered, they were.
I've read most of the series but a long time ago and can't really remember them well. We did read one recently in our book club but people weren't that keen although I really liked them. I must re-read them again.