Thursday, January 14, 2010


Oh Haiti...already the poorest country and now hit with this. Earthquakes are so awful.

Yes, donate right away to the Red Cross and other worthy groups, but please also think about preparation at home. Do you have one gallon per person, per day of emergency water? A "go" kit? Do you know how to shut off the gas? Enough supplies to survive for 72-hours on your own?

In San Francisco, I encourage you to join NERT and be trained to help in the next big quake at home.


genevieve said...

Thanks for the PSA, Emily, seriously. It's a good kick in the pants to get our 72-hour emergency kit going. And I should know, I'm a NERT myself! I'm going to buy stuff this weekend and make use of the rainy day weather to make my kit!

liz stanley said...

thanks for the push. we have a emergency food kit but no water. we're overdue for a big quake, no? fyi, loved meeting you at the kirtsy party last month!