Tuesday, January 05, 2010

To Do: Daybed

Despite swearing I would never buy anything again after having to box it all up and carry it
across town, I think we need something for the "den."

There's a little space by the door in the new apartment that we're going to use as a TV room and guest room. I was looking into sofabeds, but they're usually not very comfortable.

I stumbled across this photo and decided a daybed would be exactly right. Big enough to curl up with for a movie and a place to sleep without a bar jabbing you in the back. Ikea has a great one with storage drawers below that folds out to be a full queen bed.


megan said...

Thank you for posting this. I have a daybed that I just can't give up. I want to make it look like a great comfy place to sit. Thanks the inspiration!

syleegurl said...

I think West Elm has some cute ones too. I found my guest room day bed at a random furniture store in Berkeley. :)

Emmy said...

I have that exact Ikea daybed and it is awesome. We didn't go for the best quality mattresses but it is still very very comfortable and our guests have raved about it. The drawers are huge as well. Start to finish it took me 3 hours to build by myself.

Jean said...

Be sure to check on Craigslist.
You'd be surprised!

LPC said...

I have a Pottery Barn daybed, with rattan drawers underneath. No arms or back at all. I keep it in my living room, and it's very versatile. To say nothing of making a very good laundry sorting surface.