Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To Do: Shade Garden

When things settle down a bit and it stops being freezing cold, I can't wait to do some work in our new patio garden.

It's a shady spot surrounded by vines. I've always thought that delicate shade plants were the nicest: hostas, ferns, hellebores, baby's breath, mint, parsley and maybe some lettuce.


mamacita said...

Maidenhair ferns are my favorite. Here's a source I came across that may be useful: Hostas Direct.

Nora said...

We had a shady patio for years when we lived in a similar loft in Potrero. I found that camellias would thrive in the shade and provide some substance.

Enjoy your move!

Anonymous said...

our deck is very shaded. we have planters built in going all around our deck. i fill them with different varieties of succulents and with hens and chicks. they're easy to maintain, perfect for the shade, and look so 60's/7o's retro.