Monday, January 25, 2010

To Do: Wok Shop

A new discovery in Chinatown on Sunday evening: The Wok Shop. A teeny tiny little store stuffed to the gills with every kitchen tool imaginable. Hot pots, steamers, moon cake molds, garnish cutters, specialized rolling pins, every kind of chopstick imaginable, clay pots, enormous mortars and pestles, cleavers, cutting blocks and - of course - woks.

And, being San Francisco, of course they have a expansive website where you can order almost anything they have in the shop from the comfort of home.


Emily said...

Did you see Martha Stewart's show about wok cooking a few weeks ago? She instructed viewers to go get a $10 steel wok in Chinatown and then realized that we don't all have a nearby Chinatown, so maybe we should go to Macy's. It made me miss SF and makes me happy that people who still live there are taking advantage of its greatness!

Caroline, No. said...

Ooh, I got all excited that that was in Chinatown in London for a moment then! That place looks awesome.