Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Party Recipe: Dirty Thirty

Margaret's 30th birthday party was a smash hit! A couple pretty simple ideas came together for a really fun day with the whole family:

Supplies: Disposable coveralls bought for a steal on Amazon. Sharpies to decorate the backs with mud & dirt themed nicknames. Everything is more fun in coveralls.

Guests: 14 of Margaret's friends and family, ranging from grandmother to nephew.

Facility: Everyone met at a cozy pub at 2:00 to get the coveralls decorated and a few pints in before the mystery "dirty" adventure. At 3:30, we walked over to a ceramic studio for a session with the clay. We rotated between lessons on the wheel and slab work with molds. Messy and fantastic! We made a ton of pieces and a couple locals are going to return to finish the glazing process in a few weeks.

Food: After the clay session, we drove over to Shane's house for a big BBQ. Chips and salsa, gourmet sausages, fancy salads and cakes from the Madonna Inn.

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erica said...

what a perfect party idea for margaret! i hope she can continue at a local studio. my parents still have a bowl that she made.