Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recipe: Nachos with Kale

Kale's all the rage right now. Allow me to add one more to the recipe repertoire: nachos.

Chopped kale is a fantastic addition to black beans, chicken, salsa, green onions, pepitas and shredded cheese topping corn chips. The kale crunches up when baked and makes nachos - a favorite for using leftovers on weeknight dinners - seem almost healthy.


Anne Living Life said...

Great idea! Nachos make a frequent appearance in our dinner menu. Great way to use leftovers and sneak in some green.

MrsKinne said...


I come from a big Portuguese family, so we always use kale for Calde Verde-- which translates to Green Soup.

This is the recipe I use... although it says collard greens instead of kale, for some crazy reason. (I use kale). :)