Friday, February 26, 2010

What to Wear: Boots

Jill wrote in with a cross-country request:
I think you might be exactly the person who can help me out of my current dilemma. We recently moved across country and somewhere along the way the moving company lost a box of my shoes, including ALL of my boots. I'm sure you can imagine my horror when I unpacked the last box and my boots were nowhere to be found. Now I am sitting smack in the middle of an ice storm with absolutely nothing reasonable to wear. With your fashion sense and knowledge of online resources I'm hoping that you can offer some insider help and suggestions for replacements. My immediate need is two pairs of knee-high boots--one black and one brown--to wear with jeans and skirts and to get me through until Spring. Any suggestions?
I just so happen to have bought a pair of brown and a pair of black boots this year - just in time for a super cold winter in San Francisco. I love both pairs! It's a great time to buy boots on sale, even if yours haven't been lost by the movers:

Brown Boots - These flat brown boots are my go-to pair on the weekends. Super cozy, they work with skirts and leggings or with jeans tucked in. And they're on sale for only $99.
Black Boots - I could only find the dark gray version of these Dolce Vita boots online, which I actually like even more than the black pair I have (also available in a reddish brown). Stacked heel is comfortable and they're great for work or with skinny velvet pants tucked in for the evening.

Both are choices to help you get through the rest of winter.

By the way - I'm going to be away on a business trip next week, so posting is going to be light for a few days.


Susan said...

I recently bought a pair of these boots -- they are super-comfy (tho a bit more expensive):

Susan said...

(Cole Haan 'Air Petra' Flat Riding Boot via Nordstrom, if the link doesn't work.)