Friday, March 26, 2010

Apartment Preview

The apartment isn't finished yet - there's still a nebulous pile of boxes that we call an office in the middle of the floor - but it is coming along.

This is a view from the bedroom upstairs down on the living room, dining room and patio. From a sunny day a few weekends ago. A big change from Rob riding his bike around the empty space back in January.


chelsea said...

I love it!!

Jean said...

I love the Ikea red cabinet (if that is what it is). I have been eyeing it for months now and almost bought two used ones on craigslist from someone living in the Presidio. But I chickened out as I had not even moved yet and decided to wait and see.

Looks great and enjoy the new digs!

Change is fun.

Tayler said...

wow i love it!!

genevieve said...

Love the cabinet! Where's it from?