Monday, March 08, 2010

Deal: Kayserzinn Poppy Tray

I needed another silver tray like a whole in the head, but this piece at the Alameda Flea Market was just too appealing. And, after a little internet research, I'm glad I indulged.

Its a 12x9 pewter tray with a poppy design and monogram by a German company called Kayserzinn. I bought it for $18...according to the internet, it's worth more like between $100-$600. I just like it as a cute and well-sized space to drop my keys.


Susie said...

Love it! The poppy design is beautiful.

Penny said...

Great find! Love the design.

Jenny M said...

Antique shopping is my favorite hobby, and this is a find! I adore poppies!