Tuesday, March 09, 2010

To Do: Haven

The business trip in Atlanta last week was easily one of the hardest trips of my career. Despite being understaffed and outgunned, we managed to make the week a huge success for the company. The team started our time in Atlanta with a delicious dinner at Blue Ridge Grill - worked our tails off for essentially 72-hours straight - and ended with another great meal at Haven.

This place was a little off the beaten path but recommended by a friend back in San Francisco. Delicious food! Mussels, steak tartare, short rib ravioli, bacon-wrapped Georgia trout, scallops and killer sweet potato beignets. Plus one one the best dirty martinis I've ever had.

Atlanta...you are hardly my favorite place in the world, but you do manage to deliver some serious food.

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Kate said...

Atlanta is actually a really great city...if you stay away from the touristy and business areas. Virginia-Highlands has some great shops. There is good food all over the city and the people are really nice. Give it another chance in the Spring, when it's at it's best.

That being said, how yummy is Haven? Hoping to go again this weekend when my daughter and I go over for a girl's trip.