Monday, March 08, 2010

Weekend Round-Up: Recovery

I landed back in San Francisco from my business trip at 1 am on Friday morning. After a short day at work, the last thing I wanted to do was hit the town. Rob and I spent a quiet night at home with roast pork tacos and Hulu. I barely made it past nine and crashed into bed.

12 straight hours of sleep later, I woke up feeling like a completely new person. Rob and I had a nice breakfast and relaxed in bed with books most of the morning. It felt so nice to just be home. At noon, we hopped on the tandem bike and rode to Eureka Valley for a friend's first birthday party. The first signs of spring were all over the city.

A nice ride back home followed by more relaxing. We eventually made it out of the house for an evening walk to the grocery store (the "train-way" Safeway). Taco salad for dinner with plenty of avocado. We watched Helvetica on Netflix.

Up bright and early Sunday morning for the Alameda Flea Market - the once a month antique bonanza out on an abandoned military airfield (which is also the location of most big stunts on Mythbusters). Rob and I got a bit lost on the way there, but made it in just after nine. 800 booths filled with strange and awesome antiques. Plus, really tasty food in the form of carnitas tacos and smoked sausage with fresh saurkraut. And, running into Jean from Downsizing in San Francisco!

No dice on the desk or rocking chair I was looking for, but I did come home with a great pewter tray, a $1 silk scarf and a lot of ideas. Feeling a bit sun-stroky from walking around for three hours, we dashed back to the city for tea and a snack at home. We made it just in time to see a great amount of sun flooding the apartment. So pretty! And a rare sight with this cold winter we've had.

In the afternoon, I worked on hanging a dozen photos and paintings on the den wall, polishing silver and futzing in the garden. Eventually, we set out to Chinatown in search of a Sichuan restaurant I've been researching online. Of course, it was closed for kitchen repairs, Sunday only. So, Rob and I set out for a porcelain store I spotted a few weeks ago instead. Such an awesome Chinatown gem: Tai Yick Trading Company is a tiny shop stuffed floor to ceiling with amazing ceramics. We found a nice umbrella stand to hold wrapping paper and yardsticks back home...and then had to carry the heavy thing back two miles.

Quick cocktail hour as we waited for Margaret to drive up to the city for dinner. We had a quick stir fry and watched a movie before calling the end of the weekend and heading for bed.

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Jean said...

Thanks for the plug, Emily. You are a great inspiration for me as a beginning blogger.

I've got a lot of plans to improve my blog but it will have to wait until after taxes! I'll let you know.

Keep up the good work and keep enjoying life!

See you around town.