Thursday, April 15, 2010

Camp Week: Pendleton Blankets

Pendleton has been making blankets for the National Parks since the 1900's. Rob and I encountered quite a few on our honeymoon both in hotels and in the parks. They're an American classic. Two of our favorite parks from that trip were Grand Tetons (pictured) and Chaco Canyon.

Maybe I'll get one for our wool anniversary in five years. Or, just a more affordable throw designed by Pendleton for Urban Outfitters. Classic American camp style.


deidra said...

My husband celebrates each anniversary by giving me a very creative gift following the traditional anniversary gift suggestions. This year will be five happy years, so I was so excited to learn about the national park blankets (we honeymooned in Glacier-- whose blanket I'm loving).

But when I searched for the anniversary gift guide, everything says five as "wood" and seven as "wool." Guess we have a few more years to save for our wool Glacier blanket!

missem said...

Sorry, confusingly written. Five more years for me is the seventh anniversary.