Friday, April 09, 2010

To Do: Black and White Ball

Okay, last one: Now that your calendar for April is completely booked, let's look at May. The Black and White Ball is back on May 22nd! Rent a tux, find a gown and do whatever you can to be there.

The party isn't cheap, but it is a) for a good cause, b) accompanied by a massive amount of food, drinks, entertainment and c) a night in San Francisco you won't ever forget. We went in 2008 and had a spectacular time. It's on again for 2010!


Walking Barefoot said...

I've been wanting to go to the B&W Ball for ages... maybe this is the year. Do you ever seen people in white ballgowns that could be mistaken for wedding dresses ;-)

MrsEm said...

Definitely! Especially when paired with some black accessories, maybe a sash or some feathers.