Wednesday, May 05, 2010

On the Road: Anaheim

I'm headed to Anaheim for the rest of the week on business. Our hotel has a pool, a palm tree and a view of Disneyland. I'm pretending it will be glamorous, although I'll mostly be inside a convention center.

Anyone have tips on a cool place to go in Anaheim?


Lindsay said...

Do you know anyone with membership to the 33 Club in Disneyland? Its supposed to be quite an experience:

genevieve said...

Ah, Anaheim. Been there too many times to count for work conferences! Not my favorite place to be in, but it could be worse. I went to the California Adventure Disneyland Hotel restaurant and the food was pretty good, and this Mexican place: Both are good when you're rolling with co-workers and big groups. Have fun!

Dave said...

I wish I had read this post earlier! We could have met up for drinks. Be sure to let me know next time you're in SoCal!