Friday, June 25, 2010

French Week: Au Revoir

Time to bid adieu to our French-inspired theme! There's so much more we could have covered, of course. San Francisco has an active l'Alliance Francaise, some amazing French restaurants and, of course, all those impressionist paintings!

What is your favorite French style inspiration that we've missed?


Carrietracy said...
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Carrietracy said...

Trying to post again:
I think a French Week requires cheese! How about the wonderful Tomme de Savoie, creamy and nutty? Or a very ripe St. Marcellin, runny and pungent practically a fondue without needing heat. I really do adore french cheese.

suzanne antique lover said...

Love the black and white pics.. wonderful!

dom said...

hi, i'm a french blogger..i've read some of your posts and enjoyed them !
if you want to have a look at the photos i posted on my blog of Marie antoinette's garden and farm house (3 posts) and Monet's Giverny gardens, you are welcome.I also love setting lovely tables.i'm a tablescaper.
Have a good day !

Ember said...

I love pictures of French sidewalk Cafes. The coffee, desserts, croissants, the people are either writing, daydreaming or I imagine they have having the best conversation with a good friend. OH & the style! Scarves!