Wednesday, June 23, 2010

French Week: Opera

Rob and I have tickets to Faust (coincidentally, a French opera) tonight. This opera outfit is inspired by the famous gilded halls of the Paris opera house.

Dress -Green pleated silk with a belt from Chloe. $1,700. Ha! I would ruin this the first time I even looked at a potato chip.
Cardigan - In metallic gold. On sale for $638.
Fascinator - Featuring a peacock feather for $38.
Ring - Gold with emeralds and diamonds.
Opera Glasses - In gold and white for $46.
Shoes - Brown snakeskin platform pumps for $60.

1 comment:

stylewannabee said...

cute shoes especially in the pattern that is shown on the website. I so wish they came with a shorter heal? I am already tall and they are so uncomfortable, but oh so cute!!!!