Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Round-Up: SLO

Rob and I dashed down to San Luis Obispo for a quiet weekend with my parents.

On Saturday morning, we joined them for the traditional weekend "circuit" of farmer's market - walking the dog - breakfast at Budget Cafe and market run. We loaded up on wine, chips, salsa, BBQ seasoning and apricots to bring back to the city with us.

In the afternoon, Rob went for a bike ride and I went sailing on the lake with my father - with our crazy border collie swimming along the whole way. Later, one of my oldest friends and her adorable baby dropped by for a visit.

In the evening, we drove down to Santa Maria to meet up with our family friends, the Riggins, to see West Side Story at PCPA. A great, and very dramatic, production. They always do so well at this little theater.

Slept in the next morning as best as I could with Rob tuned in to Tour de France in the guest room. Sunday paper and french toast with strawberries for the lazy foggy morning.

At noon, Rob and I loaded up on the tandem for a ride up Perfumo Canyon, down See Canyon and to Avila Beach. Quite the view from the top of the ride, you can see all the way to the coast.

My parents met us there with a picnic and Penney ready for a beach visit. When walking her down the shore, we met another border collie mix who turned out to be her brother. In 11 years, we'd never run across another dog from her litter. And not just a relative, but also the owner of Penney's parents. Being crazy border collies, of course they had very little interest in each other.

Rob and I zoomed back home on the bike to meet my parents in the afternoon. I had a long nap on the couch before an early dinner of swordfish, twice baked potatoes and artichokes. We hit the road again at six and made it home right after dusk.


Anonymous said...

Let us know the next time you guys pop into town ~ we would love to visit ~ has been a loooong time. :) ~Skye

MrsEm said...

Doh, head hitting desk. I knew I was forgetting to visit someone :(

All Things Brooks said...

It looks like such a beautiful and relaxing area where your parents live.

Dave, Kristal and Wes said...

Hey didn't know you were from SLO, my other friend Emily told me about your blog. I live in A-town and now feel more connected to your blog! Thanks for sharing.

MissScientistSF said...

Really Annonymous? Seems to me your life is much more boring if you have the time to rag on people for no reason.

Elizabeth said...

Next time you are in See Canyon you must go to Kelsey Winery.