Thursday, August 05, 2010

I'm Headed to Memphis!

Labor Day weekend, you'll find me and six friends at Graceland!

As part of the continuing Tour de Awesome for our 30th birthdays - Tour de Jackie will take our group of friends from junior high days to Memphis. Jackie has an Elvis obsession and has always wanted to go.

We have a minivan rented, our hotel has a guitar-shaped pool and Kerry from I Love Memphis is hooking us up with roller derby tickets.

And I have a third pair of cowboy boots from Margaret to add to my collection and figure out how to cram in my carry-on. Because you can be certain that I will dress ridiculously/appropriately in theme for the entire weekend.

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Jessica said...

We stayed at that hotel with the guitar pool when my family visited Graceland in 1990, and I always tell people to stay there when they mention going to Memphis. Have fun!