Monday, August 09, 2010

Inspired: Sweet Peas

I had no idea sweet peas came in this dark purple color. For $5, I picked up two giant bunches from a local grower at the farmer's market. It was enough for two table arrangements, a small bunch for my bedside and another for the downstairs bathroom.

They're summery with a mysterious edge, a little like this cold, windy season we're having in the city.


Katie said...

Ooh, sweet peas are my favorite! Next year I'm letting them grow wild all over the back of my fence. This year the weeds totally took over and I feel so bad for having the ghetto fence in the alley!

Anonymous said...

I love sweet peas but never know how to arrange you have any more pictures?

MrsEm said...

I don't have any pics in a much better angle. I just put them in loose bunches in low vases with a narrow rim. And the smaller arrangements were in silver julep cups.