Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Ladies Activity Club: Japanese Night

We had a fun LAC party last night. Everyone has been so busy lately, it was great to relax for a few hours together. Yvonne and her sister, Hannah, hosted eight of us for a night of sushi-making and origami.

Drinks -Cocktails of Japanese mango juice and plum wine, sake, sapporo beer and punch.

Food - Rice crackers, nori crackers, chocolate poki sticks and mochi treats.

Activities - First up: sushi! We made gourmet rolls combining sushi rice, nori sheets, salmon, cucumber, avocado, sesame seeds, wasabi and sriracha. As we got more adventuresome - rice crackers, endive, radishes, wasabi peas and more made it into the creations. The night's hit was Amy's "mojito roll" - with salmon, cucumber, sesame seeds, lime and mint leaves.

After the sushi-fest, we moved on to origami. Hannah showed the group how to make puffy paper stars and cranes. Each pattern took us forever to complete because we'd start detailed conversations in between folds.

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Jessica said...

I'm hosting a Summer Christmas party. Basically it's the clash of both seasons: Christmas trees, leis, turkey, pineapple, etc. You are great at throwing parties. Do you have any suggestions? Right now I am in search of the perfect invitation to purchase or create on short notice. But I'm looking for any ideas.