Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Round-Up: Outside Lands

Fun weekend! Outside Lands is a great summer tradition.

Quiet night on Friday. I made a pasta dinner and Rob and I rested up for the weekend ahead. Early start on Saturday morning. Just enough time for some coffee before having to catch the bus out to Golden Gate Park. I volunteered with the SFBC to provide bike parking at Outside Lands. To earn my free ticket, I had to work two shift. Bike parking from 10:30 to 4:30 straight!

Quite a workout! Our team tagged and parked over 700 bikes by the time I headed home. Rob had done the same volunteer job on Saturday, but at the Giants game instead. We arrived home at the same time. Olive tapenade and cheese for cocktail hour. Then breakfast for dinner with ham and red potatoes.

Another early start on Sunday for Rob. He dashed out for a quick volunteer session and I stayed in bed with coffee, dried apricots and the paper. I walked over to Whole Foods for a grocery run. When I returned, Rob was home too. We bundled up and hopped on the tandem out to the show.

First stop was The Devil Makes Three. We grabbed beers and walked through some of the corporate tents along the way. The Chase tent had a live performance by Dawes (named after our tandem bike?)

Next, we grabbed slices of Spicy Pie and walked over to the main stage to see Al Green perform. Super fun, lots of dancing and singing along as the sexagenarian passed out red roses to the crowd.

After he finished, we took the opportunity to move as close to the stage as possible for the Phoenix show. Rob braved the crowds to go grab beers while I defended my territory at the front. Amazing show! Like a scene from a movie - Rob and I were only about 20 people back from the stage, the sun was setting behind the band and everything was having a great time.

At one point, the lead singer popped up just about 10 feet from us and crowd-surfed back to the stage. Love, love, love this band.

We hit the road after Phoenix finished, passing by Damian Marley rocking out on stage. By now, the sky had legitimately cleared for the first time in weeks. Blue skies all the way back home on bike.


Jessica said...

Did you like Dawes? I'm totally in love with them right now.

MrsEm said...

I did like them! Although, the two side singers appeared to be bored out their gourds during the acoustic show. It was a great small crowd, only about 30 people in the tent.