Thursday, October 07, 2010

Book Report: A Novel Bookstore

I seem to be stumbling across translated French novels lately. They're a fun challenge; even with excellent translation there are still a lot of cultural clues and phrases that don't make sense right off the bat.

Plus, it's fun to observe the French ways of thinking about things. In A Novel Bookstore, a mystery set in Paris, French civil agencies, gypsies, seasons and artistic circles are all supporting characters. It would make for an excellent book club read, with a party featuring buttery pastries.

PS: Light posting for the rest of the week as I work like mad at a series of conferences here in San Francisco.


stylewannabee said...

have you checked out this blog for French ispiration?

betweenthesepages said...

So, I detested The Elegance of the Hedgehog, which everyone else in the world loved. I say this despite loving France, and many things French. Should I bother with this one?

MrsEm said...

This is a more serious book than the hedgehog - but has the same kind of philosophical, moody, french-ness. I would recommend you get it from the library.