Monday, November 08, 2010

Danger: Zara

I spotted the window display at Zara from across the street on Sunday, dashed over and spent the next two hours swooning over their fall collection. It is a veritable sea of camel, plaid, wool, tailoring, belted dresses, chunky sweaters, hats, booties, corduroy and elbow patches. Everything goes with everything and it's all gorgeous. Seriously dangerous.

I left with the two items on the right in this photo: a beautiful tan boucle sheath dress with a stand-up collar and pockets. And the wool camel coat that has a bit of military flair. If they had the dark camel cape on the left in anything but medium I would have bought it too, with all of its ridiculousness.


MissScientistSF said...

OH man, I just had to ditch a Zara pencil skirt from our SF days... it was worn to bits (biking in pencil skirts is rough on them, apparently). It made me more than a little sad!

Marga said...

That cape was the perfect color, totally fierce!