Tuesday, November 16, 2010

To Do: Tahoe for the Holidays

Rob and I are planning a bit of a snowy retreat for the week after Christmas. We have the time off and are itching to cross country ski. In between all the deluxe ski resorts and weird casinos, Lake Tahoe has a few adorable old log cottages for rent.

A hot tub, a tiny fireplace and some warm blankets are what I have in mind. So far, my best lead is a former lumber camp converted to cottages in the 1920's.

Any recommendations?


Anonymous said...

this may not be your style but we stayed at this place last spring and it was cheap and AWESOME.


Cheap, clean, fantastic late 80's chic (mauve carpets and lots of brass & glass), and our room had a murphy bed! Total old-style family resort, great staff, and perfect location - right across from the Heavenly lift.

Have fun!

MrsEm said...

Cheap and awesome sounds right up my alley!

syleegurl said...

I'm gonna be in Tahoe that same time! :)

Leslie Mountain Dragonfly said...

If you want to stay on the north shore check these 2 out...

At tahoe sands resort, if there is enough snow, you can xc right from your front door on the beach. Bill and I will be around during the hoildays so we should plan to meet up!!