Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Round-Up: Dark and Stormy

A giant storm passed through town this weekend but didn't dampen our busy schedules too much.

On Friday night, Rob and I braved the pouring rain for the member's reception opening the the new fall exhibits at SFMOMA. After coat check, we wandered the wine exhibit and then the Henri Cartier-Bresson photo exhibit. The rooftop cafe was nearly empty and the perfect place for a glass of wine while watching the storm rage. Walked back home at 9:00 for dinner and drying off.
Lazy morning the next day. Rob got up to spin on the bike while I slept in. Egg tacos and then a mad dash to dress up for our holiday card photo. Hoping for photogenic rain, it was actually bone dry for most of the day. We met Margaret down by the Transamerica Pyramid at noon (passing a bollywood music video crew). She helped us wrangle pigeons for our shoot on the steps of the old stock exchange. The gross city birds were actually pretty easy to coordinate for our photo!

A few hundred shots later, we called it a wrap and walked toward the water together. A 40% off sale items deal at Gap lured us in briefly on the way to burgers and an eggnog shake for lunch at Gott's. Bread and flowers from the Ferry Building farmer's market. We said goodbye to Margaret and relaxed at home for a few hours - my turn to spin on the bike.

It started raining once again, even harder, once the sun went down. There was even thunder and lightning as we prepared for our night at the opera. So hard to dress up cute when you have to walk to and from the subway in a gale. I decided on heels instead of galoshes...big mistake. Rob and I were both soaked pretty thoroughly when we arrived early at the opera house for The Makropolus Case. Being there so early, we had time for an antipasto plate and wine in the basement and the pre-opera lecture. Such a complicated opera, we're lucky to have heard the overview in advance. Very, very well done and refreshing to see a show with 10 in the cast instead of 100 for once this season. It had stopped raining again by the time we headed home at 10:30.

Rob left for work on the drizzly Sunday morning after a breakfast of cinnamon currant bread from Acme with coffee and the paper. My plan to stay in bed reading was briefly thwarted when he called to say he forgot his laptop and had me run it up to the train station. Slow morning otherwise, I cleaned and exercised while it rained outside. Did lots of laundry, dishes, booked our Tahoe cabin and ordered our holiday card supplies. Went out briefly in the afternoon for errands when it stopped raining. Cozy dinner at home with Rob once he returned.


Nora said...

So that was you at the opera on Saturday! Thought you looked familiar.

We were the couple drinking Manhattans next to you at intermission.

MrsEm said...

How funny! I saw a couple to my right drinking must have been to the left? Say "hi" next time!