Monday, November 08, 2010

Weekend Round-Up: Fall Forward

My start-up company had it's first-ever user conference on Friday. It was a smash hit thanks to the entire marketing team working long hours all week with a 12+ hour day at the conclusion...whew, a lot of work. Our success was also rewarded with a lovely sunset over the bay (all cell phone photos this week again, still waiting to get my camera back). When I finally got home Friday night, I managed a quick gnocchi and salad dinner with Rob before crashing.

Up early on Saturday morning to help Margaret move up to the city (yay!). Rob and I helped her packed up the San Mateo apartment into a u-haul and unpack, up three flights of stairs, into a Russian Hill apartment. The lobby has a fun chinoiserie feel. I'm so glad that she's just a walk away now!

Rob and I stopped for burgers and groceries on the way home from the move. I don't know if it was food poisoning or just exhaustion catching up to me - but I bonked hard in the afternoon. Napping on the couch and lots of Veronica Mars on Netflix. Around five, I was feeling more like myself and made a roast chicken Zuni-style for dinner with asparagus. Spent the evening researching more old books for the Kindle.

Total lazy bones on Sunday morning. It was dark and stormy outside. Rob brought me coffee and the paper in bed before he had to go to work. I read the Times from cover to cover and lost an hour of my life to the super addicting Every Word game on the Kindle. Why am I so, so terrible at anagrams?

At 11, I put my hair up in braids, pulled on the rain boots and braved the storm to meet Margaret for brunch. I walked through the marching bands and floats of Veteran's Day parade and up to Cafe deLuchi. Mmm...eggs benedict.

Boutique shopping in North Beach after brunch. We went to Therapy and found some great deals at Indie Industries. Down to Union Square for a bit more browsing. Margaret and I checked out the Gump's holiday displays and fell into some serious trouble at Zara. Brief stop at Tiffany for a gift. She hopped on the bus and I walked home with my goodies. Spin on the bike for an hour and then blogging with a cup of spiced tea. Rob returned from work and we had a candlelit dinner.


Patricia said...

As ever, I am exhausted after reading your weekend exploits! :0) You write a paragraph about several different things, then it's only just 11am - how do you do it?! Respect!

Bronwyn said...

You have such interesting-sounding (and exhausting) weekends!
Also, eggs benedict...mmmmm

MrsEm said...

And I thought this weekend was pretty boring ;)