Monday, November 01, 2010

Weekend Round-Up: Halloween

Sorry for dropping off the radar last week, I had a bunch of events to attend in the city and no camera with lending it to a co-worker.
We had a pretty relaxing time leading up to the big party this weekend. It was rainy on Saturday so Rob and I had a quiet morning, halfway cleaning house and half watching episodes of Veronica Mars on netflix. At noon, we drove over to Lucca's for pumpkin ravioli supplies and salami sandwiches. A grocery store run and then back home to finish party preparations. By 7, the house was decorated, the food prepared, the drinks made and everything ready to go! I'll cover the rest of the party details in a separate post. It was a blast!

Late morning the next day! Jackie and Pierre stayed over the night before. Coffee, cookies and the Sunday paper before going to Local for brunch. Margaret came up after we finished eating and we took the car out for an adventure all together. Such a perfect fall day outside, the plan was to hit up the most famous views in San Francisco. Starting with Randall Park:

And then Twin Peaks for the full panorama. Followed by a sandwich picnic at Alamo Square with a view of the Painted Ladies (of Full House fame). It was a gorgeous, sunny afternoon - complete with friendly butterflies:

Back at home, we said goodbye to Margaret, Jackie and Pierre. I carved one of the tiny white pumpkins leftover from the party.

Big salad for dinner with the little glowing guy keeping us company.


Gracie73 said...

Mrs. Em......would you mind terribly sharing your recipe for the pumpkin ravioli. I am 17 wks preggo and craving everything pasta related I can get my hands on! :) Thanks!

MrsEm said...

I bought the ravioli at Lucca's - a little Italian deli and topped it with white sauce and a little nutmeg. Wish I had a recipe for you!