Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What to Wear: Rainy Day Uniform

I am so much better at fall fashion. Blerg, summer is the worst. San Francisco is the perfect climate for a someone who loves dark tights, scarves and sweaters. I'm back in full swing with my fall uniform now that we've had a few rainy days.
On a rainy weekend I basically wear some version of this with a mini skirt or skinny black jeans:
Sweater - Some variation of a comfy cardigan.
Skirt - A dark denim mini goes with everything. I also have corduroy and tweed versions.
Coat - A little tweed jacket like this goes with everything and can be packed into your purse without too much trouble.
Scarf - Extra chunky.
Bag - Purchased from Etsy a couple months ago. Despite a couple imperfections (a zipper that scratches my hands and the handles, no outside pocket) I've been really happy with this bag. I tie a leopard print scarf to the handle to tie the colors together.
Boots - I swear by my graphite Hunter boots (thanks Jean!). You can go miles around a rainy city in a pair of these.
Sunglasses - Because you never know when the sun will come back out.


Jessica said...

Yet another reason I should move to SF- I need tutoring in the ways of tights. I get so confused on how to combine pieces, tights, and shoes. Well, let's be honest, most clothing confuses me, ha.

MrsEm said...

Sounds like you have a What to Wear request brewing! I wear tights almost everyday. Can't imagine life without them :) Email me!

Katie said...

So cute!

We were cut from the same cloth, you and I!

michelle said...
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michelle said...

This is a great fall outfit! You have inspired me to pick up a dark denim mini this weekend. I just bought a pair of Swedish Hasbeens High Heeled Jodhpurs and I think a mini and tights combo will look great with my new boots. Thank you :)