Friday, December 10, 2010

Advent Calendar: December 10

Our new Christmas tree lot isn't just by the water, it's literally on it. Delancey Street sets up shop on Pier 32 for the holidays. A great cause in a beautiful location next to the bay.

Rob and I got a massive tree this time. In our tradition, we keep it tied up until it's carried home for a big reveal. This tree is an absolute beast! 9+ feet tall and about five feet across. I'm calling it the Captain.

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Anonymous said...

An excellent idea on both fronts - all trees should be named, first of all (my girls have done that since they were little), and if you can have a 9 ft + tree to go with glorious ceilings, it makes everything look so marvelously festive! The challenge can be finding enough ornaments to cover it. When in doubt, ribbon is *always* a lovely addition to the greenery. Enjoy!