Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Round-Up: Rest

I tried to rest-up this weekend after last weekend's Scottish epic. But, as always with me, I don't slow down very successfully. On Friday night, the temperature dropped so Rob and I cancelled our plans for the evening to stay home instead.

On Saturday, I spent the morning exercising, washing laundry, baking and cleaning house. Rob and I walked to the store for groceries in the afternoon and then watched Shutter Island (strange). By then, it was time to get ready for the polka-a-dot party at Margaret's new apartment. I painted my nails with pink dots, put on a dotted skirt and wrapped her gift with dotted Japanese tape. The party was a lot of fun! About 20 people, pompoms, cupcakes, music and sangria. We caught a cab back home with overnight-guests Jackie and Pierre at midnight.

The next morning, we had a lot of coffee with the Sunday paper while Margaret came across town. Great greasy spoon breakfast at Red's Java Hut.

I Jackie and Pierre hit the road back to Davis after breakfast and Rob went to work for a few hours. Margaret and I walked up to the Chinatown. We stopped in at the Wok Shop for kitchen supplies and then on to the flower festival, packed with potted plants, cut flowers, blossom branches, fireworks, pinwheels...everything you need to celebrate the year of the rabbit in auspicious style.

Back at home just in time to head out again. Rob and I drove out to the Richmond to spend time with Seth, Amy and baby. We walked through the park to the Academy of Sciences just in time to see the penguin feeding. The baby loved watching the fish swim in the giant tanks. Back to their apartment for a delicious home cooked meal. Across the city one last time Sunday night to prepare for the week ahead.

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