Monday, February 28, 2011

Inspired: Muybridge's Greyhound

This was absolutely my favorite from the Muybridge exhibit at SFMOMA. The clean lines of the running greyhound made even more striking.

Now I just need to find a version printed instead of as a digitally controlled file running in the hundreds.


MissScientistSF said...

There was a gorgeous greyhound at the dog park this weekend. Pilot went nuts trying to keep up with it. Watching her run was just gorgeous! Oh and there were two little Italian greyhounds... so perfect for you!

mamacita said...

I went to an art collector's home once -- it was just a meeting on an ordinary weekday. She had a few video art pieces. I was surprised that she had them switched on. It would make me crazy to have that on all the time! It was interesting to me how it was all installed and set up.

MrsEm said...

Two little whippets in adorable sweaters...sounds just right! There is a fancy lady in the skyrise across the street with one that wears fancy jackets.