Thursday, February 24, 2011

To Do: Shaun the Sheep

I am completely taken with Shaun the Sheep. It's a British kids show from the gang who did Wallace & Gromit and you can get it on Netflix instant.

Set on a small farm, the mini episodes follow the adorable antics of the sheep, pigs, chickens, dog, farmer and other farm occupants. There's no dialogue, just adorable sheep-y bleating and mischievous grinning in almost-vaudeville scenes. Here's one of my favorite clips where the sheep have a dance party.

More than anything, it makes me want to move to a small stone farm in the English countryside.


Emily said...

That was cute. I loved the little baby sheep with the pacifier. I'm sure my 3 month old daughter will like these when she's a little older. Thanks for the recommendation.

Haute Mama said...

The baby sheep with the pacifier now has his own show- It's called Timmy Time and it's a bunch of farm animals at preschool - it's adorable and my kids love it! Again, no dialogue, just animal sounds- but that makes it all the more loveable.

Anonymous said...

This show is a Sunday morning ritual for my husband and I. Adore it!!!

AnneEvans said...

thanks for posting! my kids and i loved watching it! :)