Friday, February 04, 2011

What to Decorate: Downton Abbey

Episode four of Downton Abbey features a 10 second scene in a London house that I absolutely love. The sitting room (closer look, or 39 minutes in) is done entirely in slate blue, mustard and gold.

It's a muted color scheme that we almost achieve in our apartment. I need to buy some mustard pillows and a blue throw STAT! Here's how to make a modern room inspired by the show (clockwise):

Mirrors - Bird's eye mirror set, not available for purchase
Chair - This lovely chair is an antique.
Pillow - From West Elm for $24.
Rug - I would never pay this much for an ivory rug...but regardless.
Couch - A pretty good looking gray velvet sofa for $1,000.
Curtains - No source, but the color is just right.
Frame - I love how delicate these vintage Italian mosaic frames look.
Bust - A French marble bust of a child.
Votives - Mercury glass hurricanes have an antique look.
Flowers - Grape hyacinth in modern steel containers from New York.

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Bronwyn said...

Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous! Perhaps it needs to be a color theme in my house....