Wednesday, March 23, 2011

To Do: Snow Cave

Add this to the list of random things I know how to do thanks to Rob: make a snow cave. On Sunday afternoon, there was lots of snow and not much to do. So we took a shovel to the giant drift behind our host's house and made, in 45-minutes a pretty cozy little igloo.

Here are instructions for making your own snow cave.


Ashley said...

Love it! My husband made (and I slept in) a snow cave thanks to an annual event at my husband's work. It is surprisingly warm sleeping in a snow cave--even when it's below zero outside! (post about it here:

Annie said...

as someone who suffers from claustrophobia, the snow cave concept gives me cold chills (no pun intended!!!) Not for me! just no...... : )

Anonymous said...

I agree with Annie, the description made me hyper ventilate. I would love to love snow caves, and I have dug several, but I never dare to spend any amount of time in them.