Tuesday, March 01, 2011

What to Wear: Botanical

All those garden explorations last weekend have me inspired for an outfit with a lot of green and a hint of plant biology. I would wear this to the office any day.

Dress - Such a pretty green color. And I love the military-inspired rolled sleeves.
Belt - In braided brown leather, this is a super versatile style with dresses.
Jacket - A loose blazer that can work as a smock.
Shoes - Platform pumps might not work for the greenhouse.
Bracelet - A woven bangle.
Scissors - These Chinese bonsai scissors are a favorite for my own garden.
Journal - With an organic leaf print for your field notes.


Katie said...

But you certainly could switch over to cute wellies when the heels start punching through botanical floors. Very cute outfit!

Anonymous said...

That dress makes my mouth water, too bad it's not really within my budget, because I can totally see myself strolling through the botanical garden wearing that outfit (myabe with Katie's wellie suggestion instead of the heels). Now if only we could get rid of the snow... (Though seeing that we've still got around 1 inch of that stuff, I can't see it happening anytime soon)

Katie said...

LOVE that dress!