Monday, May 02, 2011

Inspired: Strawberries

Finally! We are free at last from the long winter of beets and cabbage at farmer's market. Delicious ripe strawberries are well worth it at $12 for a six basket flat of local berries (pictured here: only a third of our box).

Plus: snap peas, shelling peas, fava beans and all sorts of delights that are not root vegetables. I don't think I'll ever be able to face a turnip again.

Do you manage to cook with your strawberries? I can't bear to eat them any way but fresh.


sarah said...

The only thing I can happily cook with strawberries is jam!

mamacita said...

I've got some destined for the ice cream maker. There is no vegetation I cannot render fattening.

I also read this intriguing recipe for Strawberry-Pinot Noir jam.

Leslie Mountain Dragonfly said...

my favorite is sliced fresh in salads! mmmmm

love.boxes said...