Friday, June 10, 2011

Inspired: Acme Bread

Why would I ever need to learn to bake with Acme Bread just down the block?

I went last night to order 100 of their teeny rolls (about the size of a golf ball) for sliders at the BBQ this weekend. The staff there is so helpful and the prices are very reasonable.

Those beautiful pain epis are my downfall!


Jean said...

Thanks for the tip on the Acme little rolls. Your party menu inspired me to do sliders for my July 4th party. but how do you keep everything warm until serving time? (without overcooking)

Any hints will be helpful. Have a great party!

MrsEm said...

Since the little burgers will be so quick to cook - I'm thinking they'll be "on-demand" per person putting together a burger.

Jean said...

I await your report of the party next week. I won't be making 100 sliders but I'm not sure how if I can arrange for on-demand burgers, no matter how small.

I may resort to soup and chili. Thanks for your reply.