Friday, July 22, 2011

To Do: Boys in the City

We are very excited to be hosting Rob's nephews all next week! They're in town for a special chess camp. Its a major trip for them away from the family and we've been preparing for months. We have all kinds of potential adventures lined up for the week, including:
  • Taking a ferry
  • House of Air for extreme trampolines
  • Visiting Chinatown with $5 each to spend (a favorite activity of mine when I was a girl)
  • Visiting the Musee Mecanique and getting clam chowder in bread bowls
  • Bike riding along the waterline
  • Pizza in North Beach
  • Exploratorium (of course!)
Where would you take two pre-teen boys in San Francisco?


Jessica said...

Take them to the secret slides!

Anonymous said...

They are so excited!!! I think you did a write up on the secret slides before & it looked really fun! :)

Anonymous said...

baseball game!

Anonymous said...

Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge and playing at the beach.

Emily said...

The tarantula exhibit at the SF Zoo!