Monday, August 15, 2011

Coveted: Big Sur House

I've been dreamily planning a Big Sur weekend getaway for a group of old friends.

This vacation rental is way outside our price range....but so amazing. Those 180 degree views, modern interiors, sunken hot tub, sunny patio, gourmet kitchen! I'll add this to my "when I win the lottery" file.


elizabeth / sophisticated pie said...

um, yes, please!! I would surely take that as my full time residence as well

Chic Nomad said...

Hi Emily! We're thrilled you like the Jewel in Clouds, but agree that it's kind of pricey for a rental. But if you still want to find a cool rental in Northern Cali, may I suggest you check out A collection of cool log cabins near to Yosemite. Same combination of great design and beautiful setting, but much less expensive. Thanks again for writing about us! - Mariana at Boutique Homes

amber {daisy chain} said...

ahhhh, looks dreamy. Big Sur never fails to satisfy overcast summer duldrums!