Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekends: Marine Layer

The fog rolled in extra heavy this weekend. I can't wait for our Indian summer...hopefully starting soon!

On Friday night, Margaret came over to the apartment and we worked on a carving monograms into linoleum blocks for a future stationery project. After she left, I caught up on my letters.

On Saturday morning, I slept in and then made Rob egg tacos for breakfast with these delicious purple and yellow bell peppers. We rode our bikes to the Ferry Building to pick up picnic supplies from Cowgirl Creamery and Acme Bread. At 1:00, we met up with Seth, Amy, baby and dog in Pacifica. Picnic at the beach. The boys went riding on Planet of the Apes trail and the ladies sat at the beach, bundled up, watching surfers, reading New Yorkers and taking pictures of the baby.

Four wonderful hours of relaxing by the waves. I just love sitting at the beach, even when it is mid 60s out with freezing wind and fog. Back at home, I worked on the garden for a few hours.

Quiet night at home, we watched a movie and had a big dinner of fresh pomodoro sauce and pasta.

Slept in again on Sunday and had a nice breakfast with the paper. Rob and I loaded up the car at 10:30 and drove to Tennessee Valley in Marin for a little mountain biking.

Whoa...mountain biking is not easy. I made it up about half the hills. 900 feet of climbing. I couldn't do the whole ride (frustrating) but at least I didn't crash (yay!) on the way up or down.

After the ride, Rob and I had lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Sausalito and drove back to the city. Quick stop at Farmer's Market at Civic Center, home to drop off the bikes, back out to the car wash and Trader Joe's. Light dinner at home with leftover gourmet cheese and a big garden salad.


rcpeters said...

Yay to not crashing!

MissScientistSF said...

I am so impressed you went mt. biking! Very great.

P-Cute said...

Dear Emily Style-
I am a stranger who blogged into you and I quite enjoy reading about your adventures in SF. For some reason I could not get "egg tacos" out of my mind today and ended up having some for supper :). I wonder though, what do you put on yours?