Friday, September 02, 2011

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Enjoy your 3-day weekend! Rob and I are staying in town, with a quick jaunt down south to sit by the pool and have breakfast in bed. I plan to wear maxi dresses and eat onion dip. Summer is just starting here in the city...and not a moment too soon!

Pool inspiration from TakeSunset


Catherine Craig said...

I know you sometimes do the what to wear posts. Any chance you could do one for me? Help me with some ideas on what to wear, plase! I am 48 years old and my boyfriend's daughter is getting married the weekend before Thankgsiving. An evening wedding, black tie optional, in November, in Houston, where it will still be warm. Althought there are 200 people attending the only attendants are the maid of honor and best man. MOH is wearing light pink. I am at a loss for what to wear? Can you use your excellent style and give me a few ideas?
Thank you, Catherine

MrsEm said...

Hi Catherine. I'm happy to help with your request. If you have anymore details (size, budget, etc) just shoot them over in an email!