Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Round-Up: Big Sur

Lovely weekend! Summer weather arrived just in time for our three year wedding anniversary! On Friday night I stayed at work late to prepare for the craziness of the next week and then had a quiet evening at home with the adorable French film, L'arnacouer (Heartbreaker), on Netflix.

Up early on Saturday to drive south for a weekend in Big Sur to celebrate our anniversary. Gorgeous weather the whole way. Rob and I stopped at Pfiffer State Park to hike the valley view trail.

And then further south to check in at Treebones. Our little yurt was quite adorable with an iron stove, lattice walls and skylight dome, (restrooms at the lodge) but it was the 180 degreview of the ocean from the front door that really impressed.

Now almost five, we went right for the pool and spa overlooking the water for a few hours of blissful sunburn-danger-free swimming. In the evening, we changed and waited for a table at the sushi bar with our favorite view:

Huge sushi dinner at the little 10-seat restaurant perched at the hotel. Thanks to Carlos for serving us so many delicious rolls. After dinner, we grabbed a puzzle from the lodge and two glasses of wine and headed back to the yurt in the late dusk.

Super cozy at night, I love falling asleep to a burning fire and the heavy blankets kept us warm when the timer on the iron stove shut off. We woke up pretty early on Sunday to get in on the waffle breakfast.

Back to the yurt after breakfast, we pulled up our deck chairs and sat for two hours reading and trying to spot whales passing by. Even warmer weather than on Saturday!

After checking out at 10:30, we drove North to hike at Limekiln. First, up to see the kilns along the rushing creek (so many ferns!) then to see the waterfalls. It was hot enough to wade in and get a closer look at the moss:

My camera battery ran out exactly after Rob took this photo. We hiked the third trail and checked out the beach at Limekiln and then drove further north. Picked up a delicious blackberry strudel from Big Sur Bakery. Next stop was Garrapata Beach to hike along the colorful dunes and turquoise water.

We drove home from there, stopping at Moss Landing for produce and an early seafood dinner. Hot showers and strawberry, watermelon, beet juice cocktails at home. I'm looking forward to warm weather in the city this week, but it happens to coincide with the annual crazy conference marathon. Expect posting to be light, but I'll try to check in.


bex said...

love. it.

MissScientistSF said...

Fern-tastic!! Glad you had a great weekend, happy anniversary.

Sarah said...

Congrats,beautiful trip.icitat

Genevieve said...

Hi Emily! I haven't visited in awhile and imagine my surprise when you were talking about Big Sur--that's our next anniversary spot! Which # yurt or name did you end up booking?

MrsEm said...

Hi Genevieve - How fun! We were in Yurt #8.

madichan said...

We stayed at Treebones a few years ago -- loved it. What we thought was the traffic of the highway at night turned out to be the ocean! And now they have sushi? RAWK.